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Why run the risk of paying a high bill when there’s a workable solution in place? We are happy to introduce the Pure Minutes Calling Card.

It doesn’t matter if you travel to other countries on business or are a person with friends and loved ones settled abroad, international calls could you a lot. The steep roaming rates, charge on incoming calls and text messages add to thousands.

What is Pure Minutes Calling Card?

Pure Minutes Calling Card is an inexpensive way to keep connected with friends and family members. It doesn’t matter if you have a landline device or mobile phone; Pin can use by calling with any device. The most exciting part, you’ll not need to discontinue a current connection.

The Pure Minutes Calling Card enables you to make calls from the UK overseas or vice versa or other nations and regions.

With Pure Minutes Calling Card, you keep away all the hassles and issues you can encounter in communications in an overseas country, like the frustrations and confusions of a foreign language as well as different dial procedures. This also saves you cost by putting expensive hotel IDD surcharges at bay.

Pure Minutes Calling Card the Best Solutions for Pleasure Trips and Corporate Travels Pure Minutes Calling Card is indeed an intelligent choice to seek if you’re busy traveling for a pleasure trip or corporate assignment. If you’re traveling to the UK, you barely have to think of paying high bills for calling outside the country UK.

Pure Minutes Calling Card is perfect for the situation. For optimum and assured us of a calling card, you can contact us. We will help you make the most out of the product.

You can use the calling card pin to make voice calls from any telephone. These might account for landline, under-contract or prepaid cellphones, office phones, payphone, vacation home phones, and a lot more. Also, you can use our calling card to make calls to almost anyone.

Pure Minutes Calling Card Highlights

Easy to Use: Clear voice instructions in English and UK. Calling back to the UK from designated countries with easy and simple dialing procedures. Dial the access number. It depends on the source of the device.  Then enter the pin and enter the destination number.

Enter Pin Dial: 00+country code+ area code+ phone number Follow-on call: ## Save Pin: *6 Clear Pin: *9. The voucher expires 90 days from first use.

Ultimate Security: You can alter your PIN by simply dialing or calling our hotline

Competitive Calling Rates: Avoid costly local payphone charges and cost-efficient tariffs.

Your information is safe and sound with us. We will never share your information or email
address with any third party.

Access numbers

FREEPHONE: 0800 097 5023
MOBILE: 0207 097 5023
MOBILE: 0330 001 0002
LOCAL: 0845 025 5023
T-MOBILE: 07755 222 906
3G: 355600

For more information about our Pure Minutes Calling Card, you can call the customer hotline number at 0207 097 2480

Other Services: 0800 297 0122.

It is better to contact the customer service department before ordering the calling card pin because they change their minute charges frequently, so to be safe side call the customer service people and know the accurate information.

Delivery of the pin

We deliver the pin to the email address so make sure you register at our website with proper details and the most important is that double-check the email address while typing because we will send you the PIN in that email address.

Payment Options

  • PayPal
  • Bank
  • Credit/Debit Card Through PayPal

Please do not depend on the below images for the minutes always contact the customer service department for accurate minutes because it changes from time to time and we can not be liable for it if you don’t get the exact minutes as it is not in our control.

Pure Minutes Calling Card

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