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Talk Home Calling Card is proven to be the best-selling and most trusted calling card in the UK for many years. Buy Talk Home Calling Card to get huge savings on your subsequent domestic and international calls.

When looking for ultra-low rate calling cards for international calls, Talk Home international calling card is a perfect go-to option. This prepaid calling service offers great rates to your favourite international and even domestic call destinations.Buy Talk Home Calling Card Number

Make a Call in 3 Easy Steps 

Making a call with talk home card pin code is very easy. Just follow the three easy steps below and enjoy the entire call experience.

Step 1: Dial the Preferred Access Number 

First, dial the desired access number. Check out the table below:

Free Access Number London Access Number Local Access Number Low-Cost Payphone For Sports and Racing News
0800 786 0786 /0800 014 7071 0208 150 5005 /0207 993 7333 0844 855 0127 /0845 270 8427 00800 5500 5511 0800 376 4868

In case you are calling from abroad, it would help to use 00800 5500 5511 access number for a payphone in:

Step 2: Enter Pin 

After you dial the access number, enter the PIN promptly.

When you buy talk home calling card, you will receive a PIN number. Ensure to use this PIN with the talk home calling card access number.

And every time you buy a talk home card, you will receive a brand new PIN.

Step 3: Dial the Destination Number 

Next is to dial the destination number, which includes full domestic or international codes: 00 + country code + city code + phone number.

Other Functions: 

Follow on-call: Enter ##

Redial number: Enter #5

Save PIN: Enter #1

Clear PIN: Enter #2

Customer Service: Dial 0871 332 9189 or 0871 332 9189

Important Note: Talk Home Card expires thirty (30) days after your first usage. Daily maintenance fee and connection fee may apply.

Any Phoning Service Integration 

It allows integration to any phoning service. Meaning, you can use domestic or international call whether you are using a landline or phone device. The most exciting part of it is that you do not need to discontinue any existing connection.

Talk Home Calling Card is Convenience and Time-Saving 

Taking Home Calling Card offers time-saving attributes, including no lengthy, boring steps. So, getting a connection is just a cakewalk for international calls.

Monitor Usage History 

One of the best things about Talk Home Calling Card is that you can monitor your usage history in no time. Meaning, you can figure out how long and when you make a specific goal, all with ease.

Perfect for Pleasure Trips and Corporate Travels 

For a wise option when you are travelling for a pleasure trip or corporate assignment, buy Talk Home Card. Travelling abroad means you need to pay huge bills when calling outside the country. Through Talk Home Card, you do not need to worry about your bills. All you need to do is to enjoy travelling and make ultra-low rate calls.

Local and International Access Number 

The local access number is the number you dial to access the Talk Home Card service. Use this number to enjoy more minutes than a toll-free number.

Accurate Budget

Using Talk Home International calling cards will enable you to save a significant amount of cash on international calls. This what makes it an exciting option for budget-conscious individuals who always make international calls.

For your next domestic or international call, grab your Calling Card now!

Talk Home Calling Card Rates

Please do not take below rates as accurate because the company do change their rates from time to time so please contact the customer service department for 100% accurate minutes for your particular country.

Country Maximum Minutes (0207 access) Maximum Minutes (0800 access) Maximum  Minutes (0845 access)
Afghanistan-Mobile 230 180 320
Albania-Mobile 185 135 260
Albania-Tirane 900 700 2100
Algeria 620 350 1200
Algeria-Mobile 280 220 400
Angola 320 270 420
Angola-Mobile 160 130 230
Antigua and Barbuda 500 330 800
Argentina BA 4000 900 8000
Armenia-Yerevan 850 600 1700
Australia 1800 1000 10000
Bahrain 400 300 600
Bangladesh 950 750 1600
Bangladesh-Mobile 1200 800 1700
Barbados 280 230 380
Barbados-Mobile 240 190 320
Bolivia-Lapay 750 480 1500
Bosnia 210 160 300
Botswana 480 350 700
Brazil-RioDejanero 4000 1400 4000
Bulgaria-Sofia 2000 900 8500
Burkina Faso 200 170 300
Burundi 360 300 550
Cambodia 250 200 370
Cameroon 450 320 700
Cameroon-Mobile 330 280 460
Canada 1800 1000 10000
Cayman Islands 240 200 350
Chile 2600 1000 10000
China 2000 850 5000
China-Mobile 2000 850 5000

Payment Method

  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit/Debit Card By PayPal


  • Pin code delivered to the email address


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