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Nowadays, many people seem to spend time communicating with their friends and loved ones through their phones. This time, even work-related transactions are already made through the mobile phone. Maxi Talk Calling Card offers a good way for you to call any person you choose to keep in touch with from any phone worldwide.

Benefits of Maxi Talk Calling Cards

Maxi talk calling card provides low cost and more efficient way to dial long-distance calls. It is also super beneficial when it comes to emergency purposes. Compared to other means, calling cards, in general, have more advantages. Maxi Talk Calling Card

When it comes to rates, others charge various rates at various times of a day or week, while calling cards offer a rate per minute. It depends if your call is international long-distance or just a domestic one. 

This calling card informs you of the remaining call time on your calling card. It is also very convenient to be used instead of a payphone because you need not look for coins. You need to get your maxi talk calling card, and you are good to go. 

It also helps you control your own money and manage your expenses when you are spending longer distance calls. With a maxi talk calling card, you take control of your calling card expense, and it allows you to prevent the hassle of monthly phone bills. 

You can instantly purchase the maxi talk calling card online from us, which is the most intelligent choice you will make. Most of all, it is the most convenient of any type. 

You get to read reviews about Maxi’s talk. There are several tutorials on how you must use it. You could even browse the different rates being presented and the best deals for your call’s desired distance. 

Maxi Talk Calling Cards – How to Get & Use The Pin code?

To get the calling card pin, you order from our website through PayPal or Bank Transfer, and we will send you the pin code to your email address so you can use it right away.

For a first-time user and you do not know how to get started, here are some easy steps on how to use maxi talk calling card.

1. First, you must dial the chosen Access Number:

  • Free Access: 0800-786-0989 or 0800-368-5826
  • London Access: 0207-993-9842 or 0208-435-6502 and 0330-993-9842
  • Local Access: 0844-880-3441 or 0845-034-1924
  • Payphone Access: 08000-014-7122

2. Next is to enter the PIN: xxxxxxxxxx

3. Dial the destination number, then the country code, area number, and the local number 

4. Follow on call enter ##, to redial press #5

5. To save the PIN, press #1; to clear the field PIN, press #2. Please take note that the card expires thirty days after its first usage.

6. Connection service fee and everyday maintenance fee may also apply. The maximum duration can be achieved in just a single usage.

General terms and conditions in using calling cards:

  • Minutes specified are an estimate of the determined minutes you’ll obtain to that specific destination.
  • Within minutes can be dissimilar from these minutes since they were calculated using the particulars of the calls you are creating.
  • Minutes specified and declared comprise all the charges, as less, and are determined by which the basis is that each of the calls is good for 4 minutes. 
  • If a call exceeds 4 minutes, it will use four declared minutes for each additional minute in that whole call duration. For instance, if your call is for 5 minutes, the deduction would be 20 minutes from your calling card.
  • Charges include: each call transmits a system cost of 50p with included calls from the payphones transmitting an extra charge of £1 per minute.
  • For each day that the card was active, 10p will be deducted for the maintenance charge.

With these things that details mentioned above, it is expected that you now have a clear idea of how to use this type of card when you are about contact your loved ones, whether it is in domestic or international areas. 

Please contact the customer service department for current update details because the company can change the price, so please do not blindly depend on the information above.

Payment Option

  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit/Debit Card Through PayPal


We deliver the pin number to your email address.


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