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Do you want to make low-cost international calls across the globe from the UK? If YES, Yellow Talk Calling Card got your back!

Yellow Talk Calling Card offers limited calling minutes to use the pin and call minutes to call their friends and family outside the UK. They can choose from various payment methods, such as PayPal, bank, or credit/debit card.

Having an international calling card by your side means you can reap lots of benefits like affordable call rates. Whether you are traveling outside the UK or you need to contact loved ones outside the boundary, Yellow Talk Calling Card provides the best possible solution.

Quality International Calls at Affordable Costs

You can use a mobile phone, landline phone, and even payphone to enjoy international calls through a Yellow Talk Calling Card. The card is a trusted and reliable communication solution for years because of the quality calls people can make at the lowest rates.Yellow Talk Calling Card

What’s more, the company behind this trusted international calling card come up with an app for Android and iOS devices. In other words, smartphone users can easily use this card for making international calls without breaking the bank.

Pleasure Trips and Corporate Travels

Are you planning to visit the UK but need to make phone calls in other countries? Not a problem! This international calling card ensures that you can explore the UK without any hassle.

Whether you are on a pleasure trip or corporate travel, the card ensures that you can enjoy the entire experience while keeping in touch with important people outside the country.

Monitor Your Usage

Another perk of using this international calling card is that you can monitor your usage. You can easily track your call history or see how long, where, and when you made a call. In other words, managing your budget is a lot easier.

In addition to easy usage monitoring, this international calling card provides flexibility and mobility. You can use it regardless of the voice break and area limits. You can use the card in your office, at home, or anywhere.

Buy Your ₤1 Yellow Talk Calling Card Now!

You can order a ₤1 Yellow Talk Calling Card from our official website. Just add to cart this item and register your details and complete the order then, you will get the PIN via email after processing the order.

You can pay the calling card through different payment methods. Plus, the company ensures that all of the methods are safe and secure. Ensure to choose the way that best suits your preference and needs.

You can pay us through Paypal or Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit Card Through PayPal.

PayPal is very straight when you go to checkout and select PayPal and complete the order.

Through Bank Transfer, first, you have to place the order online at this website and then transfer the total amount to our bank, once done email us about it

Credit/Debit card, PayPal has the option to pay it through cards so you just select the PayPal option in the Payment section and then continue. Inside PayPal, you will find a card option to pay.


Using the international calling card is very easy. First, you have to dial the access number. Then, enter the PIN. Next is to dial the destination number, following the format: 00 + country code + (0) + area code + phone number. Dial # # for follow on call.

No matter where you are in the UK, connecting with your friends and family is never a problem. Plus, rest assured that each call comes at an affordable cost. So, the next time you need to make an international call from the UK, do not hesitate to purchase Yellow Talk Calling Card!


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