White International Calling Card


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Communication with your loved ones who are in other countries is essential. So, it would help if you had a reliable way of communicating with them. Fortunately, you are on the right path! Our white international calling card is the solution.

With our card, you can get a PIN. Through that number, you can call anywhere across the globe from the UK. You don’t need to worry because it is easy to get our calling card. With a white calling card buy online, you can order through our website. Then, we will provide you the pin through your email address. It includes instructions on how to use it.

White international calling card

White International Calling Card Instructions

You can call your loved ones from any country by dialing:

00+country code+city code+phone number+ # To make a follow-up call, Don't Hang up, Press # # To save pin * 6 From clearing pin * 9 Card expires after 90 days from first use.

Freephone Access Number: 0800 097 0266
Mobile Access Number: 0330 001 0266
Mobile Access Number: 0207 097 0266
Access Number: 0845 025 0266
Customer Service Number: 0845 025 6594

The white international calling card is straightforward to use. So, you can connect to your loved ones from around the world in a hassle-free experience. The best about our calling card is that you can use it in 60 countries.

There’s nothing to doubt in using our card since there are no hidden or other charges. You’re also welcome to contact our customer service team whenever you have inquiries about our calling card. Our customer support team is available from 9 am to 6 pm daily.

How to Buy

Purchasing our calling card is easy. You can choose from our payment options, including credit/debit card by PayPal, Bank Transfer, and PayPal. We value the satisfaction of our customers so that you can expect timely delivery from us.

How to Get it

We will directly deliver your pin through your email address. If you don’t receive our mail in your inbox, you can check your junk or spam folders.

Keep in mind that our calling card will expire 180 days from the last used time. If you want a practical and more affordable way of calling your family members or friends in other countries, our white international calling card is the best option.

We do not deliver the physical card, we only provide the pin number so we only send the pin code to your email address.

With it, you can quickly call everyone all over the world from the UK. What are you waiting for? Get your calling card now!

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