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Are you looking for an affordable way to stay in touch with your loved ones regularly while you are in the UK? Look no further because we got you covered!

Talk Direct Calling Card is an international calling service that makes it simple and reasonable to keep in touch with your family and friends—no matter where they are. With our service, you can talk for as long as you wish without thinking about the price!

Get the pin number of the calling card today and begin calling your loved ones right away.

Get your Talk Direct £5 pin with a debit or credit card. As you make Talk Direct calls, the charge of every call is deducted not by money instead there is no call charge. Only your minutes will be reduced according to your allowances.

Take Advantage of a Featured Talk Direct Calling Card in All In One


We provide minutes-based calling card solutions with the lowest rates for long-distance calls globally.  Stay connected with your family and friends anywhere and anytime, with excellent features such as local and toll-free numbers, hassle-free minutes management, and so much more!

Our card will be the last calling card you would ever like to purchase. We genuinely realize that your international phone call pattern while in the UK might change. You see, it is the only international calling card that lets you change your prepaid balance anytime you like.

That implies you can effortlessly switch from one calling card rate to another phone card without having to lose your precious time! The best part here is that our system makes you the master of prepaid calling cards and will help you save the most out of your international calls. How amazing is that?

Features of Our Talk Direct Calling Card

No hidden charges

Talk direct calling card does not have any hidden charges which will make you worried all the time you make calls to international countries.

Global coverage
You can call through worldwide like Asia, Africa, and others but most people use it for Asian and African countries.

Works with any phone
When you use, Talk Direct Calling Card, you have the freedom to call from any phone the device, including your home, work, mobile, or even payphones!

Mobile-friendly website
Save a huge amount of time on the go and get account access from your mobile device. How awesome is that?

Just to keep in mind that connection and daily maintenance charges apply and depend on the country dialed, length of the call, and the access number used.

Ready to Order Our Calling Card and Call Anywhere in the World from Your Home in The UK?

So, what are you waiting for? Order online at our website today, and we will send a PIN to your email address along with the instruction on how to use your card so you can enjoy calling your friends and family no matter where they are in the world!

Access Numbers

Freephone: 08003685825, 08007860001, 0844 880 3444

London Access: 0330 993 9830, 0330 777 1200, 0207 993 9830

Payphone: 0800 786 0001

Customer Care Number: 0871 332 9199


Dial the Access numbers from above then it will ask for a pin, enter the pin, now dial your Destination no. with 00 + country code + city code + phone no.

Country Minutes 

Disclaimer: Please do not depend on the below information because the company can change their minutes from time to time as we do not control them so you need to call customer care and ask the exact minutes you will get for your specific country.

Talk Direct Calling Card

Looking forward to your order. If your order is not completed with few minutes please contact us so we can solve your issue.


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