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Orange has been a leading brand at the company since 2006 for mobile, landline, internet and IPTV services. It used to be the biggest mobile network company in the UK after Vodafone and Telefónica. Orange top up can be done in many ways and which we will explain here.

This company provides free updates to all UK networks, such as 3, EE, O2, Vodafone, Virgin media mobile, Giffgaff, Lycamobile, Lebara mobile e.t.c. All device uploads, local calling cards, cellular activation and smartphone accessories are also available globally.

Orange Top Up Online

People have a confusion regarding this matter whether Orange Phone Network still exists or not. Well, Orange & T-Mobile UK has decided to merge with EE’s 3G network which is the UK’s largest network, but if users want to use EE’s 4G network, they need to upgrade from Orange to EE. EE providers Orange customers existing offers where you can save a great deal without switching your line.

Network Coverage

They have 4G/LTE connectivity, wherever possible, anywhere in Europe. You can connect to 3G if 4G/LTE isn’t available. This makes the Orange top up online service more accessible. Because there is no distinction between Orange and EE, you get to experience the benefits of superior EE control on different packages.

Orange is a communications access provider offering multiple platforms for customers to access. Orange operates four key platforms:

  • Fixed telephone lines, primarily in France and Poland.
  • Broadband connection.
  • Mobile telephone.
  • Most recently, IPTV, currently only known as Orange TV in France, Spain and Slovakia.

Orange and T-Mobile have combined for a few years now and are a part of the Everything Everywhere (EE) telecom group. When you’ve had an orange sim card that means you can now use the EE phone credit to top-up. Or you can buy Orange top up online service from us. We have everything you need here.

How to buy Orange Top up?

First, select the Orange pay as you go up amount from the drop-down above, then add to the shopping cart and check everything is ok with the quantity. Use one of the secure payment methods like PayPal, Bank Transfer & Cards to pay for the call, data or SMS credit. You will receive the top up voucher code through email after the payment is received. You can instantly upload this code using the instructions given by us. And do let us know how to do you feel about our orange top up online service.

Sometimes we run out of orange voucher codes, but we can send an EE top up voucher code which works in the orange sim card. Just enter the code in your mobile keypad following our instructions, and you will notice ee voucher code works on orange.

You can also buy orange top up voucher from anywhere in the worldwide but make sure you keep little mobile data to use our service otherwise you will get stuck.

As orange merged with EE so we can not provide the offers details here, so you have to visit EE website to know more information about orange. Just check their help section or chat with the customer service department and learn about the deals.

You simply need to create an account using your name, email address, mobile phone number & address. Orange is operating in more than 100 countries from starting from China around the globe to Argentina. That’s a real huge coverage. That means you won’t run out of data or balance as we have orange top up online service.

Orange believes that being linked provides endless offers, and that is why they are committed to sharing the communication power with all of you. Here providing a great customer experience is our top priority. This involves keeping consumers up to date on results and how they treat issues, as well as discussing the creative ways in which we help our clients.

We are just trying to make the Orange top up online service better so you can get everything right here.

Payment Options

  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit or Debit Card through PayPal


  • We accept orders through worldwide, so you can provide all your outside UK details
  • Not compulsory to use UK card details you can use any cards as long as PayPal takes it
  • You can use any email address to receive the code. Try to use the same email address of PayPal.
  • Make sure your email address is 100% right.

Waiting for your order 🙂

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