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Asda Mobile is a mobile virtual system administrator in the United Kingdom, managed by Asda, utilising the Network of EE it also offers Asda mobile top up online service. This Telecommunication Company was founded in April 2007.

Furthermore, Asda Mobile is operating around 360 stores over the United Kingdom, and you can also get to use Asda mobile top up online & offline service through all these stores.

Asda Mobile was granted the honour by Which? (An award) for “Best Mobile Network” for the years 2010, 2011 and 2012, and also recommended by Which? In 2016, 2018 and 2019.

Why Choose Asda Mobile?

  • The nation’s most extensive network coverage and fastest 4G Speed.
  • No extra Roaming cost in 50 European destinations.
  • The opportunity to flex your Plans at whatever point you need.
  • The most affordable standard rates, starting from only £5.


Asda Mobile uses the EE network, currently, UK’s most prominent and robust system with population participation of 99 per cent in terms of 4G, and the 4G coverage has over 86% of the UK’s topography. That is spread across a large number of towns, urban communities and towns. So you will be accessible to Asda mobile top up service from anywhere within the range.

Additionally, 4G download speed is 33.7Mbps, and average 4G upload speed is 8.9Mbps, as well as an average latency of 37.3ms. The frequency is 2600MHz, and the frequency Band is 7 for 4G.

Currently, Asda mobile is not offering 5G services. However, we hope they bring 5G for their customer soon. So seamless Asda mobile top up online service is what you will get.

How to get Asda Mobile Top Up Online?

Asda Mobile Top Up Online

There are a lot of ways to top up your Asda mobile sim card. Top-up Voucher, Top-up card, Debit/credit card, Text Message and by phone are the generally utilised ways. However, currently, you don’t have an option to top-up online. But from us, you can buy £5, £10, £15, £20, £25, £30, £40 & £50 Asda mobile top up online service.

It is straightforward to get your voucher code from us, simply register one time at our website and select your top up the amount from the above drop-down option in this page and press add to cart. In the shopping cart, you can add the coupon code if you have received any coupon code from us.

After checking the shopping cart proceed to the checkout page and make sure all the details are accurate, especially the email address because we will send you the voucher code to the email, so it is essential.

If everything is alright, then place the order through PayPal or Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit Card Through PayPal. So if you want to pay by cards, then you have to select PayPal and proceed to the next step.

Next step will take you to PayPal, and there you will find an option to pay by Credit/Debit Card.

Once we receive the order we will do a small verification after our check is completed we will send you the code to your email.

Basic Information:

  • Call 2732 from your Asda mobile sim and select option 1 > option 2 > 16 digit voucher code
  • To Check balance Call 2732
  • Voucher codes do not work? Call 2732 or 0800 079 2732 from another phone


Type Calls to UK mobiles & landline Texts per 160 characters MMS Data/GPRS Voicemail
Rate 8p per min 4p each


25p each 5p per MB 8p per min
  • Access to automated helpline and Customer Service Centre, Free.
  • 0800/0808 numbers, Free (only from the UK).
  • Other service numbers, 8p per.
  • Non-mobile 07 numbers, 75p per min.

Pay as you go Bundles:

Disclaimer: Make sure to check the official website to up-to-date bundles as we do not take liabilities if the package does not match with the current offer.

£10 Offer

  • 7GB Data
  • 600 Minutes
  • Unlimited Texts
  • Text 10 to 2732 to Redeem It

£5 Offer

  • 750 MB Data
  • 200 Minutes
  • Unlimited Texts
  • Text 5 to 2732 to Redeem It

£7 Offer

  • 2.5GB Data
  • 300 Minutes
  • Unlimited Texts
  • Text 7 to 2732 to Redeem It

£15 Offer

  • 10GB Data
  • 1000 Minutes
  • Unlimited Texts
  • Text 15 to 2732 to Redeem It

£20 Offer

  • 12GB Data
  • Unlimited Minutes
  • Unlimited Texts
  • Text 20 to 2732 to Redeem It

£25 Offer

  • 15GB Data
  • Unlimited Minutes
  • Unlimited Texts
  • Text 25 to 2732 to Redeem It

Add More Data

  • £51.25GB – Text DATA5 To 2732
  • £7.5 – 2.5GB – Text DATA7.5 To 2732
  • £12.5 – 7GB – Text DATA12.5 To 2732
  • £15 – 10GB – Text DATA15 To 2732

Talk and Text Bundle

£5 Offer

  • 250 Minutes
  • Unlimited Texts

To get these bundles to make sure you have the sufficient amount in your Asda mobile sim card, then only you can redeem it and enjoy the features

To sum up, Asda Mobile has low costs and transient plans that last only 30 days, giving you more adaptability than some certain network. The bundles are very cheap, starting just from £5. And if you want Asda mobile top up online service try it from our website.

With tying permitted as well and EE’s responsive framework, it’s a right decision.

Check our website for a variety of packs and also for other information. We aim to offer you Asda mobile top up online service in just one click.

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