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O2 was the first telecommunications company in the world to offer services alongside local loop unbundling in 1995. This means that other telephone companies could offer services on O2’s telephone lines, including calls to mobile phones and non-geographic numbers such as 01 for landline and 07 for O2 sim card pay as you go.

To this day, O2 is known for being a pioneer of technology with innovations like the world’s first live video call in 1972 and becoming one of the first operators to launch a 3G network across Europe in 2003.

O2 Network company started from the growth in popularity of mobile phones, they are now one of Europe’s leading telecommunications companies.

It is a company that offers services to both business and personal customers. In our opinion, it has an excellent quality network that provides first-rate connectivity for calls and uninterrupted data transfer speeds no matter where you are in Europe.

O2 offers several kinds of tariffs – Pay Monthly, Pay As You Go and SIM only – which offer different manner to purchase airtime across all carriers (including network providers such as EE) within 4G or 3G networks. Check out the o2 website page for more details about the tariffs that best suits your needs.

Network Coverage

O2 networks coverage is considered one of the best among UK networks and they have more than 45+ million customers in the United Kingdom alone. They also provide some of the highest customer service ratings in this particular market, which is why this service provider has become so popular with British audiences.

The quality of their online services is regarded as very reliable, from uploading pictures and browsing websites to watching videos and listening to music on YouTube or Spotify. This company operates an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) that uses its own mobile phone signal when inside a building or for voice calls over a Wi-Fi connection, something that other providers do not offer at all!

O2 is the largest European operator with more than 3.5 million square kilometers covered and network availability of 98% in all the operator’s markets, making theirs one of the best networks for voice, texting, and data coverage. They have a variety of services that include O2 sim card pay as you go calls across the EU without roaming charges for customers traveling abroad and free tethering on top-end tariffs giving them an edge in the mobile provider industry.

Here are just some statistics from their latest financial report

  • 47mbps average download speed on 4G
  • Annual pay as you go ARPU up 2% year on year to £43bn
  • 52% months outgoings per active customer down 6% – churn down 7%


The awards cover 4 categories including ‘Best Mobile Broadband Network’, ‘Best Customer Service’, and an award for accessibility. O2 UK mobile network company has won these prestigious accolades for our continuing work in the fields of sexual equality, sustainability, and community activity.

O2 is part of Telefonica Europe who regulates all activities across 22 countries (plus the Dominican Republic) with 120 million unique customers – it’s just one big family! What’s even better is that as well as being recognized at home by people representing their own networks, O2 has also been recognized on an International scale with other network providers like 3, EE, Vodafone, Virgin, and so on.

O2 mobile network company has won the following awards and accolades for its service.

  • O2 Broadband – Winner of Broadband Provider of the Year 2009 from uSwitch Awards
  • Mobile Services – Winner of Mobile Phone provider with largest coverage 2010 from uSwitch Awards.
  • O2 Business (Expert Reviews) – It’s been nominated as Best Unlimited Business Broadband Provider by Expert Reviews 2010.
  • It was also given Quality Service Award as well, in 2008 by Frost and Sullivan,
  • Fortune Middle East 2006 as Top Rank Telecom Company and 2001 and 2008 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies List,
  • In 2007 it’s been recognized as a Top 10 Mid-Market ISP in IDC MarketScape Worldwide Network

O2 Sim Card Pay As You Go Roaming Facilities

Like other network provide O2 also provide roaming facilities which they call as O2 Travel.

An O2 sim card Pay As You Go that offers to roam in 75 locations around the world. No matter where you go, with just one UK SIM card, you get all your usual calls and texts for £2 a day (£20/€24 per week).

Calls inside each country are charged at local rates, so there’s no need to worry about the cost of getting in touch with friends and family back home.

If you add data to your bundle while traveling it will work out far more expensive than if you use our roaming service – we only charge based on usage (from midnight-midnight), not by time spent in a particular location – making it really easy to stay connected without emptying your bank account when abroad.

FREE O2 Sim Card

As you can see from the option that we can provide you lots of O2 sim cards pay as you go which are preferred by business people who want to buy in bulk quantity and provide the service to their customer.

But what about who wants one O2 sim card and he is our new customer, so the good news is that we can provide one Free O2 Sim card pay as you go to our first customer once they use this coupon code.

So the requirement to get 1 sim card is that he needs to use the coupon code, like our Facebook fan page so we need to verify that a real customer has used the coupon code.

The details are provided on the 99p coupon code page so you don’t get confused.

Benefits of Using O2 Sim Card Pay As You Go

The main benefits of using the O2 sim card pas as you go as your service provider.

Sub-network operates over a vast amount of area in the UK, so it stands to reason that you’ll experience better coverage with them than any other network on offer from a mobile provider.

Doesn’t charge more than 11p per day just to receive texts and calls on your phone, regardless of how many you send/receive each month – this is considerably cheaper than charges for other networks whose charges vary according to usage levels at different levels make sure you confirm it with the o2 customer service department.

Being able to get an O2 sim card pay as you go from a local retailer might be easier than getting one at home so this should be considered when planning international travel arrangements

Customers can purchase data roaming bundles so they don’t have surprise bills after leaving the country

Plus there’s no need to purchase a roaming package as with other networks if you want to call somebody else who roams with a different provider while on holiday outside of your home territory. With the network, this works automatically either at cost or free depending on your tariff plan.

Able to send emails just like on email accounts back home means peace of mind while traveling.

Compared to other providers, O2 offers customers a low monthly plan price that also includes unadvertised pricing like “medium data” and “no tethering,” as well as mobile hotspot capabilities with the purchase of a voice plan for Smartphones.

They offer good coverage throughout the UK in “Black spots” where other providers don’t have service available.

The main benefit of using the O2 network is that it has the infrastructure in all four territories of Great Britain – England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. This means that by using the network, you will not lose connectivity when crossing between two territories, unlike other networks which might only cover a single UK territory.

In 40% fewer cases than any other provider, you will likely experience Voice Call Failures, so your calls are less likely to be dropped than with any other network.

It’s so reliable that even in rural areas some 92% of their customers report they have no issues calling people or receiving calls from people calling them. This means that not only is your internet data safe while using this phone company but your phone call can be too, perfect if you’re out doing business.

Pay As You Go Plans

Again disclaimer here, please do not take it for granted that you will get the exact plan which is mentioned below, always double confirm it with the O2 customer service department or you can visit directly to O2 network website and know the accurate information.

Big Bundle Deals

  • £10 – 6GB, Unlimited Text & Minutes
  • £15 – 15GB, Unlimited Text & Minutes
  • £30 – 100GB, Unlimited Text & Minutes

For International Bundle Deals

  • £10 – 5GB, 500 Minutes, 5000 Texts, Call To the UK and 29 Destinations
  • £20 – 15GB, 1000 Minutes, 5000 Texts, Calls to the UK, and 48 Destinations

Details information can be found on O2 Website.

How to Get O2 Top up Voucher Codes

Obviously, after buying o2 sim card pay as you go then you must load money into the sim card. You can get o2 top up voucher codes like £10, £15, £20, £25, £30, £35, and £50 from us as we also provide the voucher codes and the code will be delivered to your registered email address.

Payment Options

We have three options to accept payment for the order of O2 sim card pay as you go, which are

  1. PayPal
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. Credit/Debit Through Paypal

Paypal is very straightforward, add the items to the cart and checkout it through Paypal. Those who are used to PayPal know what to do.

Regarding bank transfer, after you place the order online through this page, at the end we have mentioned our bank details so you can transfer the total amount to our bank. We will check out the bank account and once we have received the amount we will start processing your order.

Those who do not have a PayPal account can still pay it through Paypal with a credit/debit card, when you go to the checkout page make sure you select PayPal as payment option and it redirects you to the PayPal page, on that page you need to find an option “Pay with card”.

Then you need to create the account in Paypal and put the card details to complete the order.

We hope that you are clear on how to use Credit/Debit card payment through PayPal.


We can ship any quantity of o2 sim card pay as you go to anywhere in the world, so please make sure to provide your details correcting while ordering online because it is very important otherwise you might lose your O2 sim cards.

  • DHL
  • Royal Mail

You will find both options during checkout.

Bulk Quantity

If you are looking for bulk quantities of O2 sim cards pay as you go then you can order from us and we can ship to you without any hassle but make sure to contact us before ordering if it is a very big quantities order which you can not find in the drop-down list above.

It is better to discuss with us to be on the safe side and build trust between us.




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