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After introducing Lyca Mobile Sim Card in 1999, it has established a network with over 450 retail outlets and offices across Europe under its operations. The company was started by Subaskaran Allirajah, who also co-founded the Lycamobile Group that operates mobile telecommunications networks in Africa.

It is among one of the fastest-growing telecom companies worldwide and has achieved record profits since 2007.

Lycamobile’s journey began when they agreed to provide MVNO services to Vodafone’s customers on T-Mobile’s GSM network. They were already a partner and licensee for providing MMS content service supplying wholesale access to Inmarsat satellite products in their global roaming offering.

Lycamobile has also ventured into the African market. It is currently rolling out its services to countries like Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2004 as one of Britain’s fastest-growing companies with a turnover that exceeded £400 million (US$570).

In 2007 Lyca Mobile became an independent company when TJ Group sold their shares in exchange for approximately €150 million. The company then changed its name from TJ Group PLC to Lycamobile PLC, trading under LYCA plc, which stands for “Live Your Life Anywhere” or “Love You Care Always.”

Lyca mobile sim card can be found in many towns and cities throughout Britain: Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, and London are just some places where you’ll find one or more stores. The company owns shops in various other countries including Ireland and Germany too.

They have set up high street branches and outlets at airports such as Gatwick Airport (London) and Heathrow Airport (London), which means that no matter where you are travelling from abroad, they will always have somewhere nearby for your needs.

This means convenience, but it is also an environmentally-friendly approach – cutting down on air travel.
To avoid the need for a physical store, Lyca Mobile now has over 100 establishments across the UK.

With several establishments in the UK, Lyca Mobile is one company that has been delivering quality products and services to consumers for many years.

The ability to provide competitively priced sim-only deals and offer other mobile phone packages means that the company can deliver on its promise of high-quality service with low prices.

Lyca Mobile’s long history is matched by an impressive portfolio of retail outlets throughout the country. Some are flagship stores like Coventry Street or Birkenhead Park Trading Estate. In contrast, others are located in high-profile retail destinations like Manchester Arndale Centre.

Network Coverage

Lycamobile is a mobile service provider that offers coverage in the UK. The company has been providing its services for over ten years. They have grown to cover 98% of the population in England, Scotland and Wales.

They also offer international roaming plans to customers who travel outside of their coverage zone. Suppose you are looking for a new cell phone carrier or purchase an unlocked phone at an affordable price. In that case, Lycamobile might be your best option because it has a network that covers 1,000 cities.

Managed by LAC Group and headquartered in London, it operates on three major networks: T-Mobile USA (in Northern America), Deutsche Telekom AG’s DTAG(T) subsidiary(part of the E-Plus group) – which covers Germany plus its subsidiaries Benelux/Luxembourg for customers outside these countries; with Vodafone Italy as its other key partner covering all of Western Europe.

The company has to roam agreements or partnerships to provide service in more than 200 nations worldwide through an expansive global footprint thanks to strategic investments from its primary international partners.

Lycamobile features

Lycamobile features are available for purchase on their website. The Lyca mobile sim card is the best way to stay connected in the UK, as it offers a lot of extras and benefits that other networks do not have. One can choose between different plans with this provider, such as:

  • Unlimited calls and texts
  • Full access to social media sites, including Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, etc.
  • Data bundles

Lycamobile has one of the cheapest data bundles among UK providers; however, they are still reliable enough if you need an internet connection during your travels in Europe or America.

You will also enjoy free international roaming across 12 countries like France, Sweden, and Germany by purchasing a Lyca mobile SIM card.
If you need to make an international call while abroad, it is possible with this company. All in all, Lycamobile offers great deals and benefits that are worth exploring for your next plan!

UK network providers offer different prices based on the amount of data one wants to buy; however, they vary according to a network provider. Some providers may charge more than others if you purchase their service outside the UK/Europe but still want an internet connection travelling across 12 countries.

The Best Competitive Plan
With New Forever Plans, you get unlimited everything with no excess charges or hidden fees at any time; plus, you can change your plan whenever you want from 12-month contracts to 24 months.

Most Innovative Mobile
The new Lyca ID mobile app has been designed as an easy way of managing all your Lyca accounts in one place. You can find out about each account’s balance and make contactless payments too by linking directly onto their bank card with the ‘Pay and Go’ setting.

Best Customer Service
They got a great team of people who are available seven days a week to help you make the most out of your Lyca mobile phones. You can contact them by phone, email, live chat, or click on our YouTube channel for helpful tutorials showing you how to troubleshoot common issues quickly.

Favourite Music Artist
The Brit Awards return in 2015 after 30 years away from television screens. It will also mark the first time an artist has been able to perform exclusively at this event without their music being recorded beforehand, as it was done in previous years.

Best Mobile Phone Brand
When it comes to mobile phones, Sony had a fantastic year in 2014. They were lauded for their new Xperia Z models with bezels that are barely visible and praised by the prestigious TIPA Awards when they unveiled the first-ever smartphone camera sensor with the world’s highest ISO 12800 sensitivity


The first Lyca Mobile Awards took place in 2014 and saw more than 20,000 votes cast across the ten categories. The winners were announced at a special ceremony held in London. To celebrate this milestone, Lycamobile has created five new awards for 2015 to recognize your achievement and offer you rewards and prizes!

  • Best Network Sponsorship and Activation – Lycamobile Best in Class for 2017 at The Drum Marketing Awards
  • Olivier Guillemin Director, LYCA International Commercial Services (Europe) Ltd. wins ‘Young Professional Award’ at Corporate Responsibility Initiative Awards 2018
  • Lycamobile wins ‘Best Mobile Service Provider in the UK’ at The Sunday Times International Business Awards.
  • Lyca Group Ireland Limited win the ‘Business of the Year Award – Medium Size Company Category’ by the Irish Management Institute.
  • Lycamobile Winner of New Contribution to Digital Marketing Award (Nominations) for 2017
  • Networking Event: Lyca Mobile Wins Telecoms, WiMAX, and Broadband Innovation Initiative Judges Choice Prize.
  • Product Launch & Promotion: Winning a Bronze award in the “New Product or Line Extension” category from USB Brand Magazine 2018 Editor’s Choice Awards.
  • Lyca Mobile wins ‘Best Company of the Year’ at Retail Week’s UK Telco Awards 2017
  • Lycamobile was awarded the “UK Digital Service Provider” award by British Telecom.
  • Network Coverage & Performance: Lycamobile is one of only four operators out of 24 to be rated five stars in this category.
  • Service Quality: Lyca mobile was awarded a Silver Award for its service quality and rating ninth in cumulative customer satisfaction ranking in 2018.
  • Technical Support Excellence – Lycamobile won Most Innovative company for 2016 from Tech Innovation Awards sponsored by BT, which recognises organisations who have successfully used technology to innovate their business operations or processes…etc.

These awards show that Lycamobile is doing well on both services levels as well as innovation levels.


Lycamobile is a global mobile operator that provides cutting edge international service to its customers. Lycamobile roaming benefits are designed for those who travel frequently and would like the best rates in the industry.

Travellers can now enjoy unlimited calls, texts, and data while abroad with Lyca mobile sim card roaming features.

Customers will not need to worry about expensive SMS charges or receiving an exorbitant bill when they return home from their travels because Lyamobile has made it easy for customers to manage their usage online before travelling and avoid any unpleasant surprises on arrival at the airport upon return.

Lycamobile roaming benefit offers more data usage than other operators with a limit of up to 100MB for £0.20 per MB.

Lycamobile provides a low cost alternative mobile service that is perfect for travellers who want constant access to social media and email without worrying about high phone bills or expensive internet charges abroad when they return home from their travels.

Customers will have peace of mind knowing all people in their travel party can keep in touch at the same time without worrying about high costs because they are using Lycamobile’s network while outside of UK.

Lyca’s network is currently available in over 180 countries around the world, so it’s easy for travellers who want a convenient and straightforward international mobile service provider that has been designed specifically for them.

Lycamobile roaming benefits are perfect for those who travel regularly or have plans to travel abroad shortly because Lycamobile provides all customers with an affordable, hassle-free experience every time they use our services outside the UK.

Lycamobile roaming features: Unlimited calls, texts and data while abroad at any time; Automatic voicemail retrieval on return home; Travel alert feature warns customers if their credit balance drops below £0.00.

Benefits of Using Lyca Mobile Sim Card

One of the best ways to bring your family closer together is by planning a vacation. But what if you’re travelling with an international phone plan, and there’s no coverage? This can be a huge problem, and it doesn’t have to be! We’ll discuss the benefits of using a Lyca mobile Sim card so that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about missing out on any important calls or texts.

Here is the list of benefits of using a Lyca mobile sim card:

  • The first benefit is the UK Lyca mobile Sim card provides you with coverage across Europe. It doesn’t matter if you’re in France or England, as long as your phone has a SIM card installed and it’s turned on, and then you’ll be able to make calls and access data just like at home!
  • Another advantage of using this sim card is that international rates are cheaper than most major wireless providers charge for roaming across borders. With an unlimited European plan from Lycamobile, all incoming texts will only cost 0.05 Pounds per message – so no more worrying about high text fees while travelling abroad!
  • And finally, there won’t be any service interruption when switching between countries because they use the same network as your home provider.

The benefits of using the Lyca mobile Sim card are numerous, so make the switch today and enjoy life without limits!

FREE Lycamobile Sim Card

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Lyca mobile Top-Up Voucher Codes

You need to credit your Lyca mobile sim cards for that you need to order a minimum of £10 voucher code so you can activate your sim card.

But you do not need to look anywhere else we can provide you with the Lyca mobile top-up voucher code of £10, £15 and £20

Make sure to provide the correct email address because we will send you the voucher code to your email address.

Don’t want a voucher code? You want directly to credit your sim card. We do have the solution for it, just mention during order that you want direct credit so our team will understand it.

Plans of Lyca Mobile Sim Card

Disclaimer: Make sure you check always the official website before using the plan because the company has the right to change the plans anytime they want so please do no take the below plans details for accuracy because we have no control over Lyca mobile sim card plans.

National Plans

Go Unlimited – £ 25.00

  • 30 Days
  • Unlimited 4G DATA
  • Unlimited UK Mins
  • Unlimited UK Texts
  • 100 International mins
  • EU Roaming

National Plus – £ 10.00

  • 30 Days
  • 10GB
  • Unlimited UK mins
  • Unlimited UK Texts
  • 100 International mins
  • EU Roaming

Go Unlimited Plus – £ 30.00

  • 30 Days
  • Unlimited International Mins
  • Unlimited 4G DATA
  • Unlimited UK Mins
  • Unlimited UK Texts
  • EU Roaming

UK Plan Daily Saver – £ 12.00

  • 30 Days
  • 30GB (1GB Per Day)
  • Unlimited UK mins
  • Unlimited UK Texts
  • 100 International mins
  • EU Roaming

UK Plan Mega Plus – £ 20.00

  • 30 Days
  • 100GB Data
  • Unlimited UK Mins
  • Unlimited UK Texts
  • EU Roaming

UK Plan Super Plus – £ 15.00

  • 30 Days
  • 25GB Data
  • Unlimited UK Mins
  • Unlimited UK Texts
  • 100 International Mins
  • EU Roaming

International Plans

All In One 10 – £ 9.90

  • 30 Days Online Only
  • 6GB Unlimited UK mins
  • Unlimited UK Texts
  • 500 International mins
  • EU Roaming

Lyca Globe – £10

  • Unlimited Lyca to Lyca calls
  • 3000 International mins
  • OR 1000 mins to India
  • EU Roaming

All in one Plus 15 – £ 15.00

  • 30 Days
  • 15GB
  • Unlimited International mins
  • Unlimited UK mins
  • Unlimited UK Texts
  • EU Roaming

All in one Plus 20 – £ 20.00

  • 30 Days
  • 20GB
  • Unlimited UK mins
  • Unlimited UK Texts
  • Unlimited International mins
  • EU Roaming

Long Term Plans

National Plus – 10 GB

3 Months – £27

6 Months – £51

12 Months – £96

UK Plan Super Plus – 25GB

3 Months – £40.5

6 Months – £76.5

12 Months – £144

UK Plan Mega Plus – 100GB

3 Months – £54

6 Months – £102

12 Months – £192

Family Plan

  • £20
  • 30 Days Offline Customers Only
  • 100GB Data
  • Unlimited UK Mins
  • Unlimited UK Texts
  • 100International Mins
  • EU Roaming

Payment Options

Lycamobile offers the best deals on mobile phone plans in the UK. Whether you’re looking for a pay as you go sim or want to sign up for one of our contract options, we’ve got something for everyone, even outside UK customers. It’s never been easier to get your hands on a Lyca mobile sim card!

With so many great benefits and features available at an affordable price, there’s no reason not to order today! You can order online through PayPal or bank transfer or Credit/Debit Card Through PayPal, whichever suits you best.


Lyca mobile sim cards are compatible with any unlocked phone or tablet, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues.

You can use our service in over 100 countries around the world! With Lycamobile, you’ll never have to worry about being disconnected from your friends and family again. It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling for business or pleasure – we’ll make sure that you’re always able to connect with those who matter most.

We offer fast shipping worldwide so that you don’t have to worry about any delay when ordering from us because we will use the best shipping method: Royal Mail or DHL.

Bulk Order

Do you want bulk Lyca mobile sim cards? We can provide you with sim cards in bulk quantity and ship them anywhere in the world. To find the shipping cost you need to add the items to the cart and check the add to basket page there you will find the shipping cost.

If you are looking for a very huge bulk quantity order then contact us before ordering or for any questions regarding bulk we will be glad to help you out.

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