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Lycamobile eSim price is 99p, you need to select a top up amount to complete the order. Make sure you provide the correct email address.


Can I activate Lycamobile eSim while outside UK?

No, you must activate Lycamobile eSim in UK first, then you can take internationally.

Can I swap physical sim to eSim?

After installing eSim in your phone, then Login to Official Lyca Mobile account, then go to Account Manager then click "SIM Swap" option from physical sim to eSim.

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Lycamobile has introduced its eSIM service in the UK, providing a more convenient way to stay connected without the need for a physical SIM card. Here’s everything you need to know about it

How to Get a Lyca eSIM on Pay-As-You-Go:

Lyca Mobile offers both Pay-As-You-Go (prepaid) and Pay Monthly (post-paid) plans for its eSIM connections.

As long as your device supports eSIM technology, you can use a Lyca Mobile eSIM.

But we provide only Pay-As-You-Go eSim so we can provide eSim to your device.

The process is very simple.

  1. Order from this page
  2. Make sure you provide correct email address
  3. We will send you a QR code and some instructions
  4. Then eSim will be installed in your phone without any Physical Sim

Supported Devices:


  • iPhones starting with the iPhone X support eSIM connections.
  • Many recently launched Android smartphones also support eSIM technology.
  • To check accurate phone compatibility, you need to visit lycamobile official website

You will get all the same features and functions as what you used know about physical Lycamobile sim card

The only difference is you do not have to open the mobile cover and add the physical code, eSim is installed directly inside your phone like software.

Lycamobile National Pay As You Go Rates:

Mobile Lyca to Lyca Calls: FREE

Mobile Lyca to Others: 23p/min

Landline Calls: 15p/min

SMS Lyca to Lyca: FREE

SMS Lyca to Others: 23p/sms

Data: 15p/MB

If you are looking for international Pay as you go rates, then check here.

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